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T I G E R   S M A L L S   B O X I N G,  San Diego, California
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Tiger "The Pride of the Wild" Smalls formed
a Boxing Team called THE PRIDE, which was
derived  from his own nickname.
The Pride Management

Iris Senibaldi - Chief Advisor
Serena G. Smalls - Sports Marketing Coordinator -
Bill Crawford - Strength & Conditioning Coach & Nutritionist
Tiger Smalls - Head Boxing Coach -
Ivan Pineda - Assistant Boxing Coach
Jonathan Madrigal - Assistant Boxing Coach
Prince Tiger Smalls - Youth Boxing Instructor
Javier Melgarejo - Sports Medicine (Certified Athletic Trainer)
Mark Andrews - Professional Photographer

The Pride Management Bios

Iris Senibaldi
Chief Advisor
Iris Senibaldi, known as IE, was just a kid in school doing her homework when she wrote a report on “The World’s
Youngest Boxer, Tiger Smalls�. Her report impressed her teacher who knew a reporter for the New York Daily News, and
sent him a copy. He was equally impressed and the paper ran her story.

Now, two members of the Smalls family had kicked off careers at an early age! Iris is Tiger Smalls’ sister.

Because of her important publication, Tiger had the opportunity to build relationships through numerous all-time greats with
strong influences like Jack Dempsey, Jersey Joe Walcott, Ernie Shavers, Archie Moore and Jerry Quarry which ultimately
caught the attention to the world’s greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali.

Iris successfully planned and implemented PR strategies to promote her brother in the ring; plus he appeared on various
television shows in the 70’s including the local stations, as well as national syndicates like The Regis Philbin Show, The
Joe Franklin Show and Wonderama, a long-running children's television program. IE managed Tiger’s boxing career with
targeted, creative, and timely strategies from 1993 to 2003, at which time Tiger acted as the exclusive decision maker for the
remainder of his pro career.

In 2007 when Tiger created TIGER SMALLS BOXING, his entity to train and promote boxers, IE joined the organization as Chief
Advisor. Tiger greatly appreciates and trusts her input.

Serena G. Smalls
Sports Marketing Coordinator
Serena Smalls was introduced to boxing in 2003. Right away she discovered that this is not a bare-knuckle era. The
dedication that is customary in boxing is notable. As one of the world's oldest, and most celebrated sports, boxing, has
continually been refined and perfected.  It provides many benefits and challenges and can potentially turn lives around by
providing focus and an outlet for pent up aggression. We hear that people should have a desire, a dream, and a vision.
Serena loves the fact that boxers have this in common. It is a beautiful thing.

Serena is as dedicated as any fighter when it comes to doing her part. She writes and distributes press releases and
coordinates sports radio and television interviews for members of the TIGER SMALLS BOXING team. She assists with the
integration of important events and information into the Tiger Smalls website in order to keep the fans informed.
“It is a
great feeling and a real pleasure to be part of TIGER SMALLS BOXING�. Serena Smalls

Bill Crawford
Strength & Conditioning Coach & Nutritionist
Bill is a native San Diegan who has been involved in sports all his life. He began his boxing training at nine years old, winning
13 of his 19 matches. He then went on to compete in Kickboxing, fighting to a 6-5 record. The next phase of his training was
to focus on fitness and diet, which took him in the direction of competitive Bodybuilding. In nine years of competition Bill won
8 State Championships, 2 National Championships, and competed in both the AAU and NPC. Bill is a certified personal trainer
with over 27 years of diet, nutrition, and exercise experience. He is the head strength and conditioning coach for TIGER

Tiger Smalls
Head Boxing Coach
(Boxing Career, 1973-2007)
Tiger, also known by his fans as "The Pride of the Wild" is the Head Boxing Coach for TIGER SMALLS BOXING, instructing at
San Diego Combat Academy. He directs both the Amateur and Professional Competition Teams. Tiger teaches multiple Boxing
Classes for adults and is in charge of the Youth Training. He is available for Private Instruction.

Ivan Pineda
Assistant Boxing Coach
Ivan "Iceburg" Pineda
Ivan started pursuing boxing in late 1999, at the age of 17. In the summer of 2007, he met and began training with Tiger
Smalls. Ivan says,
"Since then, Tiger Smalls has played a big role in my life as a coach and as a mentor". Ivan has managed to
accomplish things both inside and out of the gym. While working with TIGER SMALLS BOXING, Ivan lost 97 lbs in six months,
and competed in the Amateur's for five years winning one local tournament.

Other goals that he has accomplished with Tiger's guidance include, obtaining his G.E.D, and EMT Certification. Pineda is also
currently pursuing an Associates degree in Respiratory Therapy. Ivan acts a Tiger's primary substitute and also assists with
the amateur team. His future goal is to begin his career in Professional Boxing.

Jonathan Madrigal
Assistant Boxing Coach
Jonathan "Oscar" Madrigal has been training under Tiger Smalls since 2007. At first, Jon only participated in boxing workouts
every now and then, but soon he began to love the atmosphere that a boxing gym brings and started attending on a near
daily basis.

A natural heavyweight, Jon weighed 285 pounds when he started taking Tiger's class. Slowly but surely he made his way
down to 235 pounds! Tiger noticed Jon for his tenacity and heart, both in class and inside the ring. Tiger also noticed that Jon
was always willing to help any newcomer, and from then on Jon has been one of the Assistant Coaches for TIGER SMALLS

Prince Tiger Smalls
Youth Boxing Instructor - ABOUT PRINCE
Prince, the son of Tiger Smalls, began boxing in 2009. He has been actively competing in the Amateurs since 2010, and is
climbing the Junior Lightweight ranks.

His elusive style and quick combinations is a mirror image of the style his Father used to win his many titles. He is already
taking the steps to his pro debut by becoming the Boxer for Christ 2011, 132lb Champion, and competing in well-respected
tournaments such as Ringside Tournament, Desert Showdown, and the Golden Gloves.

Prince teaches Youth Boxing Classes under the direction of his father, at San Diego Combat Academy, emphasizing
technique, footwork, conditioning, and discipline.
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