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T I G E R   S M A L L S   B O X I N G,  San Diego, California
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Tiger Smalls is currently involved in the training of a number of serious boxers, at several levels:

Prince Tiger Smalls - Pro Featherweight
Jesus Hernandez - Pro Junior Lightweight
Ivan Pineda - Pro Cruiserweight
Johnny Rivera - Pro Junior Lightweight
Riccy Hood - Pro Lightweight
Mike Sericino - Amateur Junior Middleweight
Russel Rivera - Amateur Welterweight
Josh Rivera - Youth Amateur Middleweight
Jason Rivera - Youth Amateur Featherweight
Mulapi Estani - Pro junior Lightweight
Alfredo Rodriguez
Taloa Moefaauo
D Arrington

Tiger has the knowledge, experience and proven track record to create a boxing star from scratch. Contact Tiger directly to
be considered as a boxer trainee. Tiger Smalls - Head Boxing Coach -

Many of the top boxers started at a young age, having an advantage in developing speed, strength, punching power and
overall athletic ability. Repetition is the key in learning the basics like keeping the hands up, how to jab, do a right cross, a
hook and more.

Boxing is a tough and demanding sport. Training for boxing can help youth become more confident and capable in all
activities. When two fighters, of any age get in the ring, they are throwing punches at each other and trying to hit each
other. In order to have the best chance of competing, it is important to work hard on the speed bag and the heavy bag to
get in shape.

Boxing can help a young person feel more confident in all endeavors. It takes tremendous courage to get in the ring and
face an opponent. In order to do that diligent training is required. TIGER SMALLS BOXING trainers keep a watchful eye to
ensure young boxers do not advance too quickly and will match them with equivalent opponents.

The fact of the matter is - all trainers are keeping somebody out of trouble, focused and off the street. There is need for
many trainers! The more the trainers there are, the better. TIGER SMALLS BOXING loves to extend a hand to advance the
skill of a trainer.

In order to be a boxing trainer it is necessary to put on several hats. A trainer has to be a coach, conditioner, manager,
disciplinarian, and a role model. Training programs are customized exactly to individual needs and delivered hands on.

As a trainer you will learn how to get real buy-in from participants, overcome learning barriers, put learners in a resourceful
state, and set the stage for success. TIGER SMALLS BOXING instructors teach trainers how to orchestrate a dynamic
training environment, choosing and sequencing activities and structuring a program so that each participant learns
continuously and effortlessly.

Whether you are currently a trainer or new to the art, up your game with the instructions needed to maximize your efforts.

Tiger Smalls is a Personal Trainer that will help you come up with the right workout plan to meet your goals. His expertise is
in professionally training dedicated boxers to safely excel in the "Sweet Science" as rapidly as possible.

THE PRIDE has a wide range of qualified trainers. Whether your goal is to lose a lot of weight or a few pounds, to tone up
your arms or flatten your stomach, contact TIGER SMALLS BOXING to get started today.
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